5 Best Lumion Tutorial.

No matter how experienced or talented you are as 3D artist, there’s always room to improve your skills, push yourself forward creatively, and get inspired by new perspectives.

There are many excellent how to create 3D visual tutorials on this very site. But if you’re looking for ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, then YouTube videos by artists are a great way to reboot your curiosity.

With so much varying quality on YouTube, though, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve selected the 5 best YouTube art channels to inspire you and improve your skills.


Yoga Binhar is an Indonesian 3D artist and an Architect wo has attracted more than 400.000x watched, to his YouTube channel, and for good reason. Self-taught in digital art himself, he has a great ability to pass on knowledge to newbies in a way that’s both slickly professional be an expert and easy to follow. so that’s why he become succeded for his performing “Lumion Challenge #1 2018”, recently.

His channel also features a ton of inspiring time-lapse videos, speed challenges and tips on things like different ways to begin a story. Most importantly, Yoga makes a big effort to get his audience involved, so there’s a real community feel to the channel.

# Oner Oncer

Oner Oncer lives in Istanbul / Turkey. he is a Character Animator and 3D Technical Director. He’s worked in the industry for last 9 years, many experiences on 3d Character Animation and Game Designing and Scripting, and has some mobile games on Google Play.

He narrated, step-by-step applying tutorials break everything down to fundamentals, so even if you can’t match the high quality of his artwork, you can easily see the principles behind how it’s made. 

# CWeltonDesign

Chris Welton has been creating architectural drawings since 2008, and computer modeling, designing, and rendering since 2012. Rendering and animations have become his passion. He has worked with companies such as Oltman’s, Guide Engineering, Gorilla Engineering and Design, and Architecturaldesign.com.

Step y step instructional 3D animation lessons, there are also some great time-lapse, speed touching process videos, and the tone is consistently encouraging and thoughtful; providing great motivation for young and beginner artists everywhere.

# Popooey

Popo Wijaya is an Indonesian Enterpreuneur and 3D Artist who has created many amazing video animation tutorials in his channel, A Proffesional and Lumion expert.

Popo’s videos are far from formal lessons, but his fresh, raw and energetic approach can be a real shot in the arm when you’re looking to be more creative and motivated about your 3D artwork.In fact, whatever a particular video is about, you won’t want to miss a moment spent in the company of this super-talented artist.

# New Milenium Design

I don’t have much information about the New Millenium Design, Only his Tutorial channel on Youtube who has attracted & give me curiousity.

From Modern Contemporary House with urban design, he was making step-by-step lessons here,  likes to take his time and show you everything he’s doing at a natural touch which makes for an immersive and insightful viewing experience is providing great motivation for young and beginner artists everywhere.


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