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These visually arresting facades can’t be accused of being boring. Our editor’s top picks of the week feature homes from our community with impressive exteriors.

Lighting and Architecture Have to Work Together

Before we get into how light and architecture impact one another, it’s important to know the main categories of buildings and what each try to accomplish with lighting. The first group (public buildings) is comprised of sports arenas, libraries, hospitals, etc. These types of buildings are more concerned with providing the right amount of light…
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Gallery & Cafe

It seems unlike a gallery building or similar of it from facade, cause I try to present familiar impressive for this and look little exotic if we take a look from sky. WF : Sketchup VRay PS

Black & White sketch in 3D Visual

Whether an atmospheric watercolor, contemporary print or lovingly crafted sketch, black and white 3D Architecture still stands out. Without the distraction of colour, the subjects of black and white pictures take center stage, and the 3D artist’s message and emotions shine through. Give another touch of Architecture live in surrounding……

My Inspirations…

All of these AMAZING Architectural Stuffs here, I collected from my account in Pinterest…. Many incredible things I guess, These made up my Inspiration……..or you can see almost the whole of them HERE

Canggu Project Survey

NF Gallery

One of my client approval in UK, This kind of Gallery Painting Art who was financed by 3 London painting Artist’s . WF : Sketchup VRay PS


Triangle Villa